Exploring MAX GO, an Innovative Traffic Solution

MAX is definitely solving the problem of fast transportation in Africa’s busiest city.

Hailing a bike to circumvent all traffics is not a new thing, that is exactly the innovation behind this idea. Innovation is about creating something new from an already existing idea.

Two friends, Chinedu Azodoh and Adetayo Bamiduro have taken the leap to properly brand the face of commercial motorcycles. It’s a fact that commercial motorcycle is still a necessity especially in the city of Lagos, instead of our constant winding and hopeless prayer, we can definitely create a better and secured means of transportation using the old one we are used to.

Here’s the brand new idea by these two friends; MAX.ng

As it turns out, the Lagos State motorcycle ban does not apply to the 200cc (and above) motorcycles MAX Go offers. Also, MAX Go offers comfort and safety for the rider and beyond this, MAX Go provides passenger liability insurance, in the undesirable event of an accident. It’s a full cover for you as a passenger.

This is how MAXGO is making life easy for Lagosians;

MAX Go launched on June 23  with a fleet of about 100 bikes to serve the Yaba, VI, Marina, Ikoyi and Lekki Phase 1 axes. So the next time you find yourself at the mercy of Lagos traffic, you should remember to download the MAX Go app for an opportunity to “ride in style”.

Before we wrap up, what about the Okada guys? It’s okay to think that MAX Go is not competing with the local commercial motorcycle because, in Lagos, Okadas are not allowed on major roads which MAX Go is free to ply because of the state of their motorbikes. But, we can’t deny the fact that this local motor-cyclers might also be affected by these innovations. MAX Go is providing jobs for unskilled people, most Okada riders are unskilled men who likely might not have the opportunity to work for MAX Go.

This is my call to the government, cab-hailing services like Uber and Taxify have greatly taken away the daily meal of our usual yellow cabs in Lagos (I will pick an Uber to a regular taxi). My say; government should set policies that will enable these new companies to bring these people in (I don’t have an idea what they will offer them but they need to) and the government should not just collect taxes and stay mute but to bring in these members of the society on board to understand the way the world is changing.


Some excerpt from TechPoint.ng

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