Beautiful City up in Flames: Attractive Hills in Jos, Nigeria

Originally called ‘Gwash’ until anglicized to ‘Jos” by the colonialists, the city is one of the most picturesque in Nigeria.  It features a temperate climate, magnificent geography, landmarks, and mind-blowing tourist attractions.

The city of Jos is calm and nurturing. It is full of amazing contrasts, and never ceases to stun with its magnitude of dimensions and themes which are there to be discovered, immersed and understood by the inquisitive visitor.

Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, our supposed place of rest is now a place of death. 

After a long hustle and bustle life in Lagos, how best to retire in this ‘Londonized’ area of Nigeria with temperatures ranging from 18 °C to 25 °C? Jos is the coolest place in Nigeria with the highest altitude of 1280 metres.

We can’t highly emphasize the economic benefits of making Plateau State indeed a home of peace and tourism. The situation of Nigeria is like a child with lots of resources but dumping them to source for crumbs in other places.

Have ever heard of the Shere Hills in Plateau State? Are you wondering how really it does look like? Give yourself some nice viewing and see what you are missing out in your own country which you are paying through your nose to source for outside.





Last year October, published a report, here’s an excerpt

“Giant caterpillars and others heavy duty earth moving vehicles, including tons of dynamites have been assembled to reduce to rubble and chippings the famous Shere hills, located in Jos east local government of Plateau state. Another iconic tourism site, the Jos Wildlife Park in Jos North local government will also cease to exist and excite tourists as governor of Simeon Lalung has put pen to paper to officially remove their presence from the historical tourism map of temperate city of Jos once noted for its flourishing tourism business in Nigeria.”

I am still trying hard to figure out why a blessed country like Nigeria is comfortable pushing away its resources and clamoring for crumbs of breads.

There is more to be done for Nigeria and please friends, don’t relent, we are today’s leaders of this country and I want you to keep doing all you can to make this nation great. Live the best of your life, attain the best in your career, be an active citizen and let’s make Nigeria great.

Our heart goes to those who lost their loved ones in Plateau state. Together, we can change the narrative our country and choosing the right leaders for us. Get your PVC!


Narrative about Jos- Excerpt from Jos: A land of magnificent beauty written by Nkem Ndem Vivienne published on on July 21, 2015

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